Child Custody and Parenting Time


The single issue most likely to generate anxiety and confusion in divorce is child custody. Either parent or both might assume that the end of the marriage presents a threat to the parent-child relationship, or one parent might try to use access to the children as a way to manipulate the other parent into concessions on other issues.

At DDPC Law., our attorneys are familiar with the disputes that can interfere with smooth resolution of child custody and parenting time issues in divorce. Contact us in Livonia, Grosse Pointe Farms or Novi to learn about the best ways to protect your rights while advancing the best interests of your children.

Michigan law recognizes the value of a stable and continuing relationship between a child and both parents, regardless of primary residence. Joint custody with equal overnight visitation is an increasingly common resolution of child custody issues, which means that divorcing fathers can reasonably expect to achieve parenting time on terms that are fully equal with the mothers.

The best interests of the children involved are the key consideration to understand when defining your own goals as a parent in divorce. If a custody dispute goes to court, the child’s best interests will be the main factor guiding the judge’s decision. Our lawyers can help you develop your own objectives in terms of how they support your child’s best interests, and we can help you evaluate the other parent’s proposal in the same terms.


As experienced family law attorneys, DDPC Law can take on the toughest child custody problems, especially those involving allegations of parental unfitness, whether or not they’re based on facts. Examples include:

  • One or both spouses allege domestic violence or abuse
  • One or both spouses are foreign nationals who might want to relocate the child out of the United States
  • The parents of either spouse want to assert grandparent interests in regular visitation.
  • Either parent has an alcohol or drug problem
  • Either parent has a history of violent crime
  • Either parent has a recent history of mental illness

We represent parents on custody and parenting time issues in both divorce and paternity cases. We also advise parents about proposed relocation away from southeastern Michigan. Additionally, our experience with immigration law can be valuable for any foreign national needing advice about parental rights.