Resolving State Or Federal Drug Crimes

At DDPC Law., our proactive approach to defense against drug charges focuses on minimizing our client’s exposure to punishment on the current problem while working to avoid long-term consequences for the person’s professional, educational or family situation. To learn how you can benefit from our experience defending against serious drug offenses of all kinds in the state and federal courts, contact us in Livonia, Grosse Pointe Farms or Novi.


The sooner we go to work on your behalf, the more options you’ll have for protecting your interests. If there’s a time lapse between an arrest or seizure of drugs and formal charges, we can take full advantage of that period to look for ways to protect you from the risk of conviction on the most serious potential offenses. Whether you’re facing prosecution for marijuana possession, methamphetamine manufacture, cocaine distribution or heroin trafficking, our goal is to pare away at the potential charges to get rid of as much of the case as possible.

We also look for ways to short-circuit the prosecution at the earliest possible point. If the facts indicate that a search warrant was improperly issued or executed, we can move for suppression of the evidence, which can make the whole case against you go away. We can also challenge a seizure of drugs or cash in a traffic stop.


DDPC Law offers comprehensive client service in state or federal drug cases of all kinds. Our clients include adults and juveniles, and we handle drug cases prior to indictment, at trial and on appeal. Examples of the kinds of cases we can help with include:

  • Student drug possession
  • Medical marijuana offenses
  • Federal conspiracy charges related to drug trafficking operations
  • Money laundering charges
  • Drug crimes alleged against licensed professionals
  • Drug offenses charged against immigrants and foreign nationals
  • Unlawful possession or distribution of prescription painkillers and other medications
  • International drug smuggling charges
  • Drug crimes charged against medical professionals, caregivers or retailers

To learn how you can benefit from the advice of drug charge defense lawyers in Wayne County, Oakland County or Macomb County, contact DDPC Law at any of our three locations.