Criminal Defense


People who have been arrested make two major errors far too often. First, they talk to the police. Very often, the evidence that convicts a defendant comes right out of his or her mouth. Second, people tend to wait too long to get legal advice. Your options for resolving a criminal problem are never wider than they are at the very beginning of the case, and if you have the chance to consult with a lawyer before formal charges are filed, you should jump on it.

The criminal defense attorneys of DDPC Law., have a strong track record of success on behalf of adults and juveniles facing criminal charges of all kinds from drunk driving to criminal sexual conduct or homicide. Contact us at any of our three offices in Wayne County and Oakland County to learn about your defense options.

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We work with clients through every stage of a case from pre-indictment investigation to trial, sentencing, appeal or habeas corpus proceedings. We resolve many cases in the pretrial stages by convincing the prosecution that dismissal or reduced charges on favorable terms represent a fair outcome under the facts.

Examples of the kinds of cases we handle include:

  • Assault, aggravated assault or homicide
  • Michigan criminal sexual conduct or federal pornography and solicitation charges
  • Weapons offenses, including use of a firearm while committing another crime
  • State or federal drug charges involving possession, distribution or conspiracy
  • Property crimes from shoplifting or retail fraud to auto theft or arson
  • Ethnic intimidation
  • Domestic violence
  • White collar crimes involving fraud or corruption
  • Michigan drunk driving charges such as OWI or OWVI
  • Repeat or felony drunk driving charges
  • Underage drinking and minor in possession of alcohol offenses
  • Probation or parole violations
  • Administrative proceedings: driver’s license revocation, professional license suspension and occupational interests
  • Gaming law offenses
  • Immigration offenses, including false documentation, illegal entry or alien smuggling
  • Michigan criminal appeals in the state or federal courts

For more information about the scope of our practice, contact the Wayne County criminal defense lawyers at DDPC Law in Livonia, Grosse Pointe Farms or Novi.